To provide fully capable teams to collect, analyze, evaluate, and disseminate information to support the United States and its interests.

Synchronize, plan and gather information for global operations against terrorist networks.



Green Badge Solutions, LLC based in Washington, DC provides open-source information on operating environments that deliver decision advantage to policymakers in safeguarding national security.




Green Badge Solutions, LLC provides government services through expert teams that can advise governments in post-victory plans for stabilizing conflict zones and help in civilian resettlement. Our areas of expertise is the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


Green Badge Solutions, LLC bring global events into valuable perspective, empowering businesses, governments and individuals to more confidently navigate their way through an increasingly complex international environment. Our team analyses open-source information each day to unearth emerging trends and reconcile conflicting truths to produce predictive analysis and forecast

Green Badge Solutions, LLC leverages our global partners to procure and secure defense related products from all across the globe. With our partners, Green Badge Solutions, LLC can provide military equipment and resupply your forces in a timely manner, in arid and harsh locations all across the Middle East.
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